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"The Enterprise of Community," by Spencer Heath MacCallum

Social and Environmental Implications of Administering Land as Productive Capital

Published in 2004 by the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and as revised by the author in 2007, available here:

Spencer MacCallum's scholarly and visionary integration of two ancient human activities, land ownership and entrepreneurship, has profound implications for builders of freeorder. -Leif Smith, Explorers Foundation

The author, Spencer MacCallum, summarizes the paper, as follows:

At the beginning of this paper, I set out to get the reader's attention by stating an unlikely sounding proposition. I said that human environment, both social and physical, resembles any other good or service in that it is amenable to being manufactured, marketed and maintained through the freely competitive processes of the market. I then did three things. I analyzed how this works in theory; described how it has evolved in practice, and showed the unexpected and significant result toward which the practice must logically lead.

That is to say, I first analyzed an incentive structure that was not present so long as land was mainly owned for consumption or speculation, but that came about with the emergence of land ownership as a capital enterprise. Second, I showed how that pattern has unfolded historically in the emergence and proliferation of modern multi-tenant income properties. Finally, from that trend in real estate, I extrapolated to the future.

The unexpected result logically implied by the continuation of this trend in real estate is nothing less than the qualitative transformation of government from, to follow Oppenheimer's distinction set out in The State, a political process to one purely economic. It seems especially fitting that this transformation will come about not by taxation, the marching and marshalling of armies, or the deliberations of legislative bodies, but by the quiet emergence of the enterprise of community as an almost incidental consequence of the continued normal development of the market process.

The original version was published in
Journal of Libertarian Studies
Volume 17, no. 4 (Fall 2003), pp. 1— 15
©2004 Ludwig von Mises Institute

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