glyph 35: history of freeorder . important confluences ... a gathering analogous to Tolkien's Great Council of Elrond, at Rivendell, where the purpose was to discuss what should be done with the One Ring to Rule Them All ... If you can see Hayek as Gandalf it will all make sense ...


The Mont Pelerin Society

A Great Council, first meeting 1947

Mont Pelerin Society, Switzerland, First Meeting, 1 April 1947

Founders: F. A. Hayek, Albert Hunold

Attended first meeting:

Invited but unable to attend: Charles Morgan, London

Henry Hazlett, on the Mont Pelerin Society:

Hayek's opening address is reprinted in his Studies in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Chicago Press, 1967

Hayek's closing addrress (typescript with Hayek's handwritten notes):

History of the Mont Pelerin Society:

Tolkien's Council of Elrond:
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