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Project: An Audacious Union

One: Britain exits the European Union (EU)
Two: The Commonwealth Union is formed
Three: Britain has a great future in the new Union

Step one was begun on 23 June 2016
A Time for Audacity:
How Brexit Has Created the CANZUK Option
post-Brexit second edition, published on Amazon 24 Feb 2017
the only difference (substantial) between the editions is the introductory essay
and the title


Available on Amazon — Kindle format
Review by Andrew Roberts, posted on Amazon, June 18, 2016
“Highly impressive, well-researched and well-written.
Bennett is virtually the creator of the modern Anglosphere concept,
and this book superbly sums up its attractions for the United Kingdom.
As important as it is timely.”
5.0 out of 5 stars
* FAQ (questions only) & “Introduction” to the first edition of A Time for Audacity (pre-Brexit edition). The introductions to the two editions differ substantially. The FAQ is common to both editions and is titled: “Commonwealth Union: A Reference Design for a Union of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom”.
> Articles from various authors addressing Brexit, before and after. See also Anglosphere
Pre-Brexit First Edition — cover
> A Most Audacious Union, a forthcoming book, after the Amazon ebook, publication date not set, by James C. Bennett
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