Vortex Fisher : freeorder generators (forges)
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explorersfoundation.org/fisher.html — a vortex is a region of Explorers Foundation research and investment.
> This vortex is named in honor of Anthony Fisher (later knighted), visionary first funder (through money earned in the Buxted Chicken venture) of the Institute for Economic Affairs IEA
V Funding Fathers: The Unsung Heroes of the Conservative Movement, by Nicole Hoplin and Ron Robinson
* If “conservative” means nothing more than “one who conserves liberty for all” then, understood in the context of freeorder, this title is accurate.
* A chapter is devoted to the life and work of Anthony Fisher.
V “Antony Fisher: Champion of Liberty,” by Gerald Frost
“The Political Movement that Dared not Speak its own Name: The Neoliberal Thought Collective Under Erasure, ” by Philip Mirowski
“Why do so many people who should know better argue that Neoliberalism 'does not exist'? In this paper I examine the disinclination to treat the Neoliberal political project as a serious intellectual project motivating a series of successes in the public sphere. Economists seem especially remiss in this regard.”