Magatte Wade : enterprise, africa
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Investment History
2018: Cobden-Bright Award of $250 in recognition of Magatte’s advocacy, in word and deed, for freedom of enterprise for Africans, and reduction of reflexive bias among all of us.
Magatte’s newest company, Skin is Skin •••, a manifesto ••• (short video)
2019: Matt Kibbe’s interview of Magatte Wade, “Peace, Love, and Tolerance in Senegal” •••
2018: Magatte Wade •••, on Senegal and enterprise, a video, “Made in Mékhé” ••• (thirty minutes) made by FEE ••• as part of their “How We Thrive” ••• series
Disruptive Brands as Cultural Innovation ••• (video) a TED Talk given at University Francisco Marroquin (UFM) ••• Guatemala. UFM’s pages are available in over 100 languages.
“The 20 Youngest Power Women In Africa” ••• a list complied by Mfonobong Nsehe ••• published by Forbes, August 2011