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This vortex is about education for explorers, with an emphasis on private, market-based, entrepreneur-driven education because that's where most of the needed innovation occurs.
* Recent additions to this vortex
> The Lancaster System (thanks to Mark Frazier for an article by John Chodes)
> The Lancaster System, a study by Horizon Lanka Academy, an Openworld ••• project
* Khabele Strong Incubator ••• (founded as Bronze Doors Academy) — Austin, Texas
* The Teenage Liberation Handbook: how to quit school and get a real life and education •••, by Grace Llewellyn
* Not Back to School Camp ••• — a project of Grace Llewellyn •••, author of The Teenage Liberation Handbook ••• (Amazon)
> Virtual School •••, a Brad Cox (creator of Objective-C) website
> Ron Gross — books, friend of Socrates, lectures, resources for independent scholarship, peak learning
* John Taylor Gatto, Challenging the Myths of Modern Schooling •••
* “State Subsidy to Private Schools: A Case History of Destruction •••”, John Chodes
> Matt Hern, De-Schooling, ending compulsory schooling — why we should get rid of compulsory state schooling. —thanks to Shannon Ewing for this -ls
> Assisting Entrepreneurial Schools ••• — a project of Openworld, Inc. •••
* Enterprising Education: Doing Away with the Public School System — Mises Institute
> Association for Private Enterprise Education ( APEE)
* Sir Ken Robinson: "Does Education Kill Creativity?" ••• — a TED video (20 minutes)
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