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explorersfoundation.org/lionrock.html— a vortex is a region of Explorers Foundation research and investment.
This vortex exists to study and support a China that is an openspace, a balance of designed and spontaneous orders that creates the best social and legal framework to support the full expression of the virtues of the explorer, beginning with personal integrity in thought and venture.
This page is full of undeveloped ideas, fragments and traces of conversation. Inquiries welcome (see “contact” above).
* Lion Rock Institute •••
* Alan Macfarlane’s China lectures - available anywhere? ever translated into Chinese? 3/4/17
V Tom Palmer: “The principles of liberty are not culturally bound”
* See “Freedom Is the Birthright of All Humanity” ••• January 5, 2017, a remarkable essay. To see what I mean, start reading with the footnotes, which for me were so engaging and revelatory that a study of the entire essay seemed essential. Palmer is one of the great teachers of freeorder, and he has personally touched almost every country in the world. -ls
V Kwan’s Story (this is glyph 571), as told by James C. Bennett

Kwan, Her Story: from Hong Kong 2016 to New Victoria 2036
a major city to arise on the coast of northwest Australia

Kwan, once active for Hong Kong freedom, is now, in the year 2036, living in New Victoria, a major city on the northwest coast of Australia, part of a CANZUK Union that began after Brexit. Kwan's story is the final part of James C. Bennett's new book, A Time for Audacity: How Brexit Has Created the CANZUK Option. James C. Bennett is the author of The Anglosphere Challenge, 2004, which introduced the idea of network commonwealths.

* Transition Institute, Beijing — New York Times article •••
* Atlas Network’s tracking of Chinese free-market oriented groups …
> Bob Haywood, China’s Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
* Question: If an investment to advance freeorder were to be made such that it had a positive effect in China, how would it be done? How would the investor be assured of doing more good than harm? See the history of Transition Institute, Beijing. Also, perhaps, study the actions of Karol Wojtyla, the man who became Pope John Paul II in Poland while the USSR was still in control, a story told in John O’Sullivan’s The President, the Pope and the Prime Minister, reviewed ••• by Spengler. If EF had, $10,000 to invest in moving China toward freeorder, where would we invest it? Maybe not in China? Haywood’s strategy of incremental changes propagating into the entire culture although first innocuoulsy established in Special Economic Zones might be fundamental. … Mongolia?
* Gene Sharp’s From Dictatorship to Democracy http://www.aeinstein.org — relevant?
V Glyphs
* 295 "The Champion of Hong Kong's Freedom: Sir John Cowperthwaite, Hong Kong, 1941 to 1971", by Christian Wignall. See this glyph for an additional article by Wignall: "Hong Kong stumbles along the road to serfdom".
* 384 Lion Rock Institute, Hong Kong
* 282 Hong Kong, Freedom's Beachhead in China — Lion Rock Institute