Vortex Zorro : Mexico, Latin America, Cuba, Hispanosphere
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explorersfoundation.org/zorro.html — a vortex is a region of Explorers Foundation research and investment.
V Tejanos — Hispanics who were born in what would later become Texas were an important faction in the fight for Texas independence.
* “The Forgotten Sacrifices of Tejanos in Texas' Fight” ••• by David McLemore, Dallas Morning News, 1989.
* Ricardo Valenzuela recommends the Wikipedia page on Lorenzo Zavala •••
V Article ••• about Jeffrey Max Jones, a pioneering El Zorro Norteño, Chihuahua (northern Mexico)
V March 20, 2016: while thinking about integrating forges, the phrase El Zorro Norteño, developed in conversation with Ricardo Valenzuela, has become active.
V See The New World of the Gothic Fox, by Claudio Véliz. Such foxes exist not only in the Anglosphere, but also in the Hispanosphere, perhaps especially in Northern Mexico.
* 387 Realist and Nominalist — Baroque Hedgehog and Gothic Fox — Claudio Véliz
* Jim Bennett has asked: “Zorros góticos del norte contra los erizos barrocos del capital?” (Gothic foxes of the north as opposed to the Baroque hedgehogs of Mexico City?). James C. Bennett is the author of The Anglosphere Challenge, 2004, source of the idea of network commonwealth.
* There will be need of integrating forges spanning the gaps between freeordering cultures. Such a forge in the gap between the Anglosphere and the Hispanosphere, weaving inter-cultural fabric of freeorder with threads taken from the U.S. and Northern Mexico might be fruitful. An excellent location for such an iForge would be a free zone spanning the border of Mexico and the United States, perhaps hosted by a tribe of Zorro-like Native Americans. (see the recording of an interview with Ricardo Valenzuela (link to be posted here in the near future -2/11/17)
> Puerta de Anza — A Door to Prosperity - A letter from Ricardo Valenzuela, June 2008
> Universidad Francisco Marroquin (UFM), Guatemala
> The New World of the Gothic Fox, by Claudio Véliz
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